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The platinum rule – Alessandra


Engelstalig | DISC Boek

Auteur: Tony Alessandra e.o.
Paperback: 291 pagina’s
ISBN: 9 780446 673433
Uitgever: Little, Brown&Company

Discover the four basis business personalities-and how they can lead you to succes

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Director, Socializer, Relater, Thinker – Which one are You?

It takes all kinds to make a business environment. From CEOs to subordinates, form clients to suppliers, from you, yourself, to your colleague in the next office…everyone falls in to one or more of these four basic peronality types.

Knowing who’s who and fulfilling their unspoken-and often unconscious-needs lead to success:

  • more innovation
  • more cooperation
  • and more achievement

Now from two of the country’s leading marketing en behavioral experts comes a widely acclaimed guide that raises win-win strategies to new heights. You’ll turn the old Golden Rule to pure platinum as you learn to:

  • Predict the actions of others and get what you want out of every encounter
  • Use Inividual differences to build dynamic teams
  • Close more sales and provide better service to your customers
  • Defuse conflict and raise energy, morale and profits


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